Stephen Ministers

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral


In our worship services on August 30, 2015 we commissioned two of our Stephen Ministers, Anne Lasseigne and Pat Viser to serve as Stephen Leaders. They recently participated in an intensive, seven day training program, and have now joined our other Stephen Leaders:  Dean Johnson, Canon Rowena White, and Mrs. Rosemary Lafargue, in providing training and supervision for our 14 Stephen Ministers.  Our Stephen Ministers are all members of St Mark’s who have received special training to provide one to one Christian care.   They walk alongside one who has had a loss, or is going through any of life’s transitions or difficulties.  Such difficulties include grief and loss of all kinds, including deaths, divorce, illness, "empty nest," disability, retirement, and any other of a myriad of life's transitions that can be painful.  Stephen Ministers listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support on a one to one basis that is confidential, free and empathic.  They do not try to fix a situation nor give advice; rather their attentive listening and acceptance provides comfort and healing. 

They simply seek to be fully present and prayerful that God will bring healing.  Those who receive care from our Stephen Ministers do not need to be affiliated with St. Mark’s; this ministry is available to those from other churches and those without a church home. 

Please let Canon White know if you or someone you know might benefit from the gift of such a caring relationship.  She will visit with anyone interested, and then prayerfully match each with the most suitable Stephen Minister.

Please contact the Rev. White through the church office (226-4026) or by email (  And please pray for our care receivers and caregivers daily! 


Our Stephen Ministers are:

Laura Boyd                              

Carol Ann Caraway              

Carol Crooms                        

Ann Conrad Falter                

Anne Lasseigne                    

Jacques Lasseigne                  

Barbara Newtown                 

Pamela Peak

Peggy Raish

Carol Rhoads

Robert Rhoads

Cherie Sealy

Michael Schofield

Patricia Viser