Spiritual Direction

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

The weekly Spiritual Direction Group continues to meet on Mondays (except for holidays) at 10:00 in the cathedral library. This is not a Bible study; it is active participation in a Rule of Life that can be life-changing.  We have 10-12 very committed women and men who faithfully follow the prescribed Rule of Life, which includes immersion in the daily reading of the gospel text, and committing to a daily prayer form of praise and self-offering. Another aspect is setting aside, on a weekly basis, time committed to listening for the word of Christ in our daily life.  Participants then meet weekly to share their experiences, in an environment that is accepting and supportive of our spiritual growth.  Besides developing a deeper knowledge of Christ, one grows in awareness of God’s love and active presence in our lives.  Canon Rowena White is the Spiritual Director and facilitator of this group.  All are welcome to come and see if this is a group that suits your needs and desires!  If enough interest is shown, it is possible that an additional group can be offered at a more convenient time for those who work outside their homes.

For more information, please contact Canon Rowena White at the church office (226-4026), or by email (Rowena@stmarkscathedral.net), or simply come to a group meeting