Program Team

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral


Rob Gilchrist

Canterbury House Supervisor



Minister for Pre-K Children's Programs

Nursery Coordinator


Jennifer Beruvides 

Coordinator for Events and Hands -on Outreach Ministry

Jennifer organizes all parish events at the church like Rally Day and the Pentecost Picnic. She also coordinates outreach ministries to move us all toward better discipleship. Additionally, she is the contact person for the Cooking Crew ministry.

Feel free to contact her if you need to coordinate an activity at the church or feel the call to participate in an outreach ministry and need help finding one just for you.

Jennifer has been a parishioner since 1997 (in between military absences from 2001-2005). She is married to Rick Beruvides and has 2 children, Adriana and Steven who attended St. Mark’s Cathedral School. Within the church she is also teaches Prime Time, Communion Celebration, and is a board member of the Episcopal Church Women.