Living Compass

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

Living Compass is a ministry in the Episcopal Church created by The Reverend Scott and Holly Stoner.  St. Mark's hosted the Stoners for a retreat a few years ago working with our couples and young families; the title of the retreat has "stuck" as the name of our ministry with this age group in our parish.

Here is a brief description of Living Compass:

"Living Compass, grounded in Scripture and the tradition of the Church, is a faith-based wellness ministry that provides resources, coaching, education, training, and support to individuals, families, and congregations as they seek to live the abundant life God intends for them. The Church is the original "wellness center." Therefore, when modern churches have a comprehensive focus on wellness and wholeness, it is a practical return to our roots as Christians. Remember, the word wholeness comes from the same root as holy and holiness."  {Taken from the Living Compass website:}