St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
With a sudden epiphany and a high speed push we formed our St. Mark’s Physical Training group. Our purpose was to offer an opportunity where parishioners can have a time to come to the church to get a wellness of health in addition to the wellness of soul. We also wanted to provide a way for more fellowship to take root here at the Cathedral. Under the leadership of our trainer, Tina McKay, we have an amazing, challenging, and ever-changing workout routine- and we have STMPT at a time that shows we are serious in what we are setting out to achieve.  STMPT meets at 5:30AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the parking lot next to the gym.  It is open to everyone at any level of physical fitness!
Over a two years later, our group has grown and continues to work very hard.  Also, we are excited that our first STMPT Goal of running a marathon at Disney World was a huge success!

If you have any questions about STMPT or would like to join us, please contact Dan Koruna at 318-423-4800.